3D World Map

3D World Map 2.1

Displays a 3D version of the Earth
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Shows a complex 3D representation of our planet providing the location of 269 countries as well as of over 30.000 of cities around the world. Embeds an altitude map and an MP3 player.

3D World Map is a pack comprising two programs: a realistic 3D world map and a screen saver. Both programs include a magnificent 3D view of the planet Earth. The screen saver shows the Earth revolving around the sun and around its axis as well.

The screensaver includes many customizable options, which affect the 3D map program as well. These options are: changing the camera, setting the overall speed, changing colors, adjusting display mode, and adding custom mp3 files. All the adjustment will have immediate effect on the programs, except for mp3 files: these will only be heard after you restart your computer.

The map program allows you to browse all the countries and cites of the world, learn some information about each country and city, and know the places where it is day or night at the time you are running the program. You will have the option of adding new sites with country-related information as well. Many tools are also available, such as: measuring the distance between any desired points; knowing the longitude, latitude, and altitude measures; a zooming tool; and some other options for you to explore by yourself.

Marian Zaky
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  • A splendid three-dimensional view
  • Information about cities of the world
  • Calculates distance between two locations on the map


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